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Is it already that time of the year again?

The sun was already hiding behind the mountain taking with it the array of beautiful tones of reds, oranges and pinks making way for the inky black of the night to spread until not a single bright spot on the Sky was illuminated, instead covered by darkness and the company of the stars as well of that of the mind as they work as some sort of replacement for the Sun's work of creating a visible time of the day.

The moon shining down on those spots where the light of the Acadamy's campus didn't quite reach and the secrets held among the forest are to yet redeemed safe for the meantime, accompanying this scenery were the sound of the nocturnal animals as they all prepare to go out of their homes and lurk around the woods in the chilly night.

Not so far from the Academy's ground, the constant chatter and giggles of females could be heard as well seen various tents set around in a small area, small enough compared to the grounds of the institution, but big enough to hold at least ten camping tents that were currently illuminated by the campfire set in the middle, the crackling of the flames and the heat radiating from it made everyone feel more cozy and forget even if just a bit that the night would in fact get even colder.

A sweet aroma lingered in the air coming from the snacks that were being roasted on the fire and then eaten by the students. Without a doubt and anyone that would stumble upon the setting, could clearly say that these girls were enjoying themselves and while it is true, not all of them were.

You were most likely the only one not enjoying herself, mostly because this was a tradition done every year by the academy, a bonding time they say between students, but since the all-girl-Academy had way too many students they were separated in groups of five, and much to your bad luck, you were separated from your friends and would have to end up having to be social with other girls who you have never acknowledge in your life. Maybe a few of them seemed familiar but your mind was focusing on something else at the moment.

You were nervous, excited, you name it. That's how you were currently feeling. Your foot tapped the ground impatiently as you checked your watch every time a minute passed, the smile on your face ever so slightly growing but then remembering that it will take a couple of hours more for you to leave made you go back to thinking about much more gloomy thoughts.

Things you wished wouldn't interlude with your happy thinking, but they got there anyway.

You checked your watch again, this time trying to look from place to place as to not gain much attention on yourself. How weird it is for a girl to be sitting so far away from the rest of vividly and friendly females who are supposed to be her "family" - or so the nuns say- and be checking her watch every second as if expecting something big to happen? and yes, that might been the case with you right now but you just couldn't wait anymore! It was practically eating you alive.

Sneaking out wasn't always easy.

Sure, the thought of it made you giggle because of so many reasons. You liked the fact that you have successfully managed to sneak out so many times without anyone noticing your presence is missing, heck, you were astonished by your skills, if the nuns -who knew way more stuff about the girl's life than the girls themselves- couldn't notice that you, the daughter of one of the many men who contribute such a large amount of money to the school, was missing for at least three hours in every camping expedition, then you might as well have an award for that! You know that your best friend -who you should definitely try to communicate with more- Terezi would be so proud of you if she only knew, too bad she didn't though. Such a shame really.

Being sent to a Catholic school ever since you were 10 years old, especially when it is an All-Girls one, isn't as bad as many say it is. Sure the rules sucked butt and having to wear a school uniform isn't that bad -though you are to speak with Ms.Dolorosa regarding the school uniform's plain style, something more cute will surely motivate some, if not all, girls to wear them without having to add themselves other accessories- and it really didn't take long for you to get used to it.

In fact, you became friends right away with Feferi, who just so happened to be the vice-principal's daughter, and being friends with someone with such a status sure did come in handy when you would start to fail your classes because of stress (read this as laziness from your part).

Sure, but you do remember that by the time you had turned 15, it was already time for the whole "camping week" thing the school did, you remember enjoying yourself with Feferi and basically having fun, telling stories and eating sweets. Then you went to sleep, you were awoken when Feferi accidentally fell on top of you and as you tried to regain your breathing you noticed that she had changed into some cute outfit. You had asked her were she was going and she only told you it was a secret and that you should go back to sleep.

Sure,you argued with her -quietly as possible- but she was determined and you didn't want to fight with her. You waited two minutes after she left the tent and then quickly put on something decent and silently made your way out of the tent, the fire had burned out and you tried to adjust your vision to see in the dark.

To say the least you had caught a glimpse of her bright pink skirt and followed.

You got lost, and yeah, you were scared and pissed because your bestfriend was hiding something that without a doubt must have been big, because Feferi never hid anything from you, and it hurt you, but you were more upset over it.

You had been wandering around when you heard footsteps heading towards you, in an alarming speed and before you knew it, you were pinned to a tree, someone behind you blocking your mouth with your hands. Your first reaction was to try and wriggle out of the person's grasp but failed to do so because they were strong. Was it you or was that person holding back laughter.

Then you tried the other most logical thing to do in this situation. You bit him -you noticed by the hand that it was a he-

And you bit him hard.

To say the least, he had let go, cursing pretty loudly and you quickly spun around to slap whoever it was that grabbed you so rudely, maybe not the most intelligent course of action, but screaming and running trying to get help would end up being bad for yourself -getting in trouble was horrible, you didn't want to be caught outside camping sites- you'd prefer beating the shit out of the person who grabbed you.

And then you saw him, and let it be cliche or something. But the dude was hot as fuck, and curse you, you were blushing and your hand stung from the previous slap you had gave him, and hey, marks were showing and he was just staring at you quite shocked.

He started to curse you out, and before you knew it you two were in an argument. Ungrateful bitch he called you, and you well, went to hit him again but this time you knew you would enjoy hitting him, but he caught your wrist and looked you dead in the eye, in a way so threatening that all thoughts of him being hot were gone and were replaced with fear, though you were your eyes never drifted away from his owns.

"Don't" was all he said before dropping your hand, shoving both his hands on his pockets and walking away. You stood in the same place but soon snapped out of it.

Turns out he was, with a couple of other guys, trying to sneak into the girl's camping territory -he explained that there was an all guy school nearby and that it was something they did every year just to keep their sanity from going down. "You can handle being around guyth for tho long" he said, and you noted that his lisp was totally adorable, not even bothering to hide it, you told him and only gained a dirty glared from his part. Long story short, he "fucked up" and got some of the nuns after him.

He ended up guiding you back towards your camping site, left you there and asked if you knew a girl called Feferi, you replied with a yes and his face illuminated when you explained that the two of you were best friends.

It was really early In the morning when you had arrived, and so no one had yet to wake up. He told you the reason why she had disappeared and it was to pay a visit to a friend of her's -who he just happens to hate- called Eridan, a douche he had said, and that if the two of you were friends, then you two should meet up more.

He said you were pretty cute and an awesome girl, even though you hit him and called him a motherfucker. You both sealed the promise with a pinky promise, and even though childish, it got him and yourself to smile truly for the first time the two of you met.

And basically that's the reason why you sneaked every year after that, just to see him. Truth to his word, he did wait up at the same exact spot where the two of you met.

Your head snapped to the direction of hearing someone calling your name. You noticed you had spaced out for quite some time, thought it wasn't like anyone had noticed. It was already bed time and everyone -except you - had gathered around near the bonfire and started to pray. You bit your lip when you heard your name being called out and looked behind you, the voice already familiar.

Carefully you stood up and trying to not make any noise, you headed towards the bushes and stuck your hand in, when someone grabbed your hand and pulled,you didn't resist and went to the other side.

You raised an eyebrow at Sollux who smiled and began walking, slowly at first and you followed.

It wasn't until about two minutes of walking did he stop and hugged you.

"Are you crazy?! Dude, you could've been caught!" You complained and crossed your arms over your chest and he only chuckled, and you noticed how his voice had gotten deeper and he was just looking freaking astonishing.

You never knew how much a person could change in just a year.

"Thorry, couldn't help mythelf" he shrugged and then pulled you closer, you didn't back away and smiled a little. Your noses were touching now and if possibly both the smiles on your face only grew.

"It's been a year Huh?" You said lowly and he nodded.

"It's been a year of fucking hell. Uugh, I've missed you a lot you know?" He planted a kiss on your lips.

"Yeah I know."

You giggled and kissed him, this time lasting longer.

Sure, it wasn't a cute fairy tale story, but you were happy and so was him. Because it has been two years since the two of you became a couple. And lasting a whole year to see each other again only proved how strong your love for each other was.

Your name is __________ _______________ and you couldn't be happier.
Gosh, I love writing for Sollux ~ Anyways, this Is a request for :iconmalindaandmark: so I hope you liked it and I'm very sorry for taking so long.

:iconsolluxcaptorplz: belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:
You belong to yourself 
Story/plot belongs to PrincessSakura1221
Art belongs to it's respectful owner.
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PrincessSakura1221 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
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