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October 3, 2013
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“And fuck my life”

You gripped the flashlight in your hand a bit tighter when the cold wind picked up its speed. The sound of leaves crunching under your steps mixed with the sound of nocturnal animals as they started to make their call. You cursed slightly under your breath and pointed the flashlight ahead, often times turning it towards places where you could hear someone’s presence only for you to later find out that it was just an offense less animal.

You kept the jacket you had on tight against your body, mostly because of the panic attack you were having at the moment. Your attention was always snapped towards any small sound.

And yet you kept walking, trying to find the old building that was supposed to be burnt down.

The moon was doing little to nothing at all casting its light on the forest but due to the trees and branches the light got through because of the little spaces unoccupied by leaves.

Why had you decided to listen to your best friend? You could’ve easily been home today with your boyfriend Tim cuddling under blankets and watching a cheesy romance movie, the one you hated with all of your soul but even so watched them. Yet sadly he had gone off to work on a night shift and left you alone. Vulnerable to your friend’s manipulative ways and in the end you had ended up losing a bet and now you were supposed to go to the old hospital that burned down ten years ago.

Where your friend’s little sister hid your friend’s favorite music CD. Now mind you, you could’ve easily declined and done this in the daylight, where you could actually see. But no. Your friend happens to be a bitch and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She wanted you to go alone in the dark with a flashlight that was probably going to run out of batteries any minute no-

The light to the flashlight flickered before it shut. With a frustrated sigh you threw the thing in the ground.

“Fuck! You have got to be kidding me!” You stomped on the floor clearly frustrated. The flashlight rolled until it was stopped by a small boulder and the thing flickered back to life. You frowned but then chuckled.

“Heh, I guess luck’s on my side this time” You went to grab the flashlight but you were stopped dead on your tracks when you swore you saw a blank face looking at you far off in the distance. You squinted your eyes, though it wouldn’t prove to do anything at all seeing you were in darkness.

Your eyes widened and you could already feel your legs shaking.

"Oh god… that thing doesn’t have a face."

You clutched your head in pain as you started to hear static, it echoed in your head and was becoming slightly bothersome. You took in a shaky breath as your eyes started to shift in and out of focus.

But that didn’t stop you from grabbing the flashlight and trying to run away.

You were pretty sure that thing was following you. You barely could walk let alone run. You were amazed you had yet to trip with all of the roots and rocks on the ground. And when you finally saw a building not too far into the distance did you start to run a little bit faster.

Your legs were burning by now and you felt a bit of relief wash over you as you noticed it didn’t have any doors that needed to be open. So running inside, you turned off the flashlight – wanting to save it for later in case you might need it – and made your way inside one of the many rooms.

Sitting down on the floor, you slumped against one of the many walls. Closing your eyes and talking steady breaths, you tried to shake off the image of the faceless creature you had spotted earlier and hoped to the Gods that it hadn’t followed you.

It took you a few minutes to calm down, but when you did you opened your eyes.

In the dark, you could barely make out some things. But you could feel the already decaying paint on the walls on the back of your neck. The dust was everywhere and you sighed. The floor felt dirty, though that was to be expected. As well as the small noises of what you could tell –and hoped- were cockroaches and mice. Anything really as long as it wasn’t threatening.

With one last look around the room, you sat your flashlight besides you and sighed.
“Well, might as well start looking for that damn CD”

With little to no effort, you stood up and grabbed the flashlight. Stretching a little and dusting off any dirt that you acquired during your running spree and decided to look around for a bit.

To be honest you hadn’t found anything at all, except maybe your new fear of old abandoned places. You couldn’t help but feel somewhat scared, yes, you were scared to begin with. But all of this seemed creepy, weird.

You tried to keep your steps at a reasonable sound, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention. But then again your brain would be like:

"What attention? Please, you’re alone."

Yet you knew that wasn’t the case until you heard some cough. You stopped dead in your tracks and turned off the flashlight. You heard some movements going around and then they stopped.

You frowned, the cold sweat ran down your forehead and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.

“It was just my imagination” You muttered under your breath, taking another step. The coughing came once again and this time you couldn’t help but get scared. Dropping the lantern in the process and watching as it rolled down the hallway.

Your body couldn’t move, frozen in place you watched as the object made contact with a nearby wall, making an audible ‘thud’ that was loud enough due to the silence in the place.

It only took you three seconds to register the fact that the thing, or most likely person, who was coughing. Had stood up, you could hear their footsteps coming out of one of the many empty rooms. And then your eyes met a mask that sent you a shiver down your spine.

Outside the room was a man standing – this you could gather because of his shoulders, you were pretty good at identifying someone’s gender with just a quick look of their shoulder- he was wearing a what you could presume was a brown jacket, jeans and shoes. But what caught your attention was the mask he was wearing.

Your eyes widened at the realization that you had been spotted. And when the man had noticed you, he seemed to stiffen before running.




“Shit! Fuck off!”  You shouted at him and made an attempt to run away, proving to lose him for a couple of seconds when you rounded a corner. You could already see the exit ahead but the sound of the man’s footsteps was what made you try to run faster.

Your heart was beating erratically and you could almost taste the freedom.

A smile you had on your face soon disappeared when your eyes caught the sight of the same thing from before.

“What? No no no no please don’t!” You muttered and when you could hear the static again you cursed.

"Okay, time for plan B."

Taking a sharp turn towards the left you kept on running. You could already hear the footsteps catching up to you and you couldn’t help but actually fear what would happen to you if the man caught you.

His intentions from your previous meeting, told you they weren’t good at all.

“Oh god, what if he’s a drug addic-“ You didn’t have time to finish your thought when you found yourself on the floor, body hurting all over. You tried prying off the man on top of you.

“Get off you freak!” You started to scream obscenities at him and started kicking; all the while he started to punch you and tried to deflect your attacks on him. Finally, your foot connected with what you could say was his shoulder, and when you heard the sound of a ‘pop’ and an agonized cry from him, you smiled in victory and proceeded to try and stand up as quickly as you could.

In the process, successfully snatching the mask he was wearing off of his face.
You stood up and got away from him a good distance, his face was hidden by his hair as he tried to look down.

You could only see him grabbing his shoulder in pain. You had done this before when someone had once tried to rob you.

Stealing a glance at the mask you now held in your hand you couldn’t help but bite your lip.

Should you take it with you?

Snapping your attention back to the man, you noticed he had stood up. Head hanging low, you took a step back in case you needed to escape again, and carefully studied his actions.
All the while a strange feeling was nagging at the back of your mind.

“ He looks like Tim…. But no… Tim… he’s at work. Yeah, that’s right. This is just my imagination playing tricks on me”

Taking another step back as he took another forward. You tried to speak.
“W-What do you want?” You bit your lip and mentally face palmed because of your stutter.
The man remained quiet and instead pointed at you. Slowly he lifted his face a little and you cursed at the fact you couldn’t see his face.

“Why is it so damn dark?”

“Just give me the mask and nobody will end up hurt” His voice was low, gruff. Something about it made you feel uneasy and you clutched the mask to your chest. You shook your head slowly.

“No” It came out as a whisper and you took another step back. Him proceeding to take another closer.

And that’s when finally you could clearly see his face. You dropped the mask to the floor, this making a small thud noise as it fell. The silence that fell upon the two of you could only be described as shocking.

Even in such a dim lighted place, you could clearly make out his features. But what really gave him away were his eyes.

Ice blue eyes.

The same eyes as Tim’s.

One hand went to cover your mouth as you took in the details.

"What is he doing here?!"

“T-Tim?” You smiled a little. “Hey Tim… why… why are you here?” You couldn’t help but feel betrayed. What was he doing here? Why was he wearing that mask? Why was he looking at you like you were crazy?

Before you could say another thing though, you heard footsteps coming alarmingly fast behind you though they were almost silent like, something hit the back of your head and everything went black.
Guess who started to write for Creepypastas again. This girl! owo I decided to do a Masky x Reader because my love for this bastard it's awesome ~ I should've really filter this. Augh .___. so short and ooc and I could've done soooo much better.

Wanna request a fic? :33 -> princesssakura1221.deviantart.…

:iconmaskyplz: :iconhoodieplz: belong to Marble Hornets
You belong to Tim
Story belongs to :iconprincesssakura1221:
Art belongs to :iconhagazusa:
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