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June 24
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“Thank you for your time Mr./Mrs. [Teacher´s name]” [Name] waved to her teacher and closed the door behind her, sighing as she noticed that the halls were remotely empty, meaning she had to walk all the way to the main entrance alone. However she at the time needed the small alone time, so she set herself to walking, adjusting her bag with her laptop inside.

The game had crashed a couple of times yesterday, Toril had come drunk at 4 in the morning and her dreams were tormented with the stupid scenery from the game, she was exhausted, her eyes surely had to have bags under them. It was really rare for her to not sleep, and knowing that the game hadn't cooperated with her when she went to show her teacher what progress she had made, she wanted nothing more than finish the game and start modding the hell out of it.

On the bright side, the game glitching only gave her a challenge, her teacher had said that it would take a lot of work fixing all of those glitches –as the game didn't seem bugged at all, it was weird- and the BEN file couldn't be erased. That was actually pretty good; she could have a head start on something big. [Name] could already imagine it; her [eye color] orbs glimmered just with the thought of it, it would be really awesome to get an excellent grade on one of the firsts assignments of the year.

When she reached the front door, she opened it and welcomed the morning sun with all of it´s glory, accompanied by it was the cold breeze of the morning, the chirping of birds and the chat of fellow students headed to their respective areas gave her a sense of familiarity that she embraced with open arms. [Name] walked down the stone stairs and headed towards the green area in the university.

Upon arriving, she didn't find it weird at all that there were many people already there, the place gave a light feeling to it. Sitting under trees which shades had a calming effect to them and the various amounts of trees made it the perfect place to sit down and talk, have a picnic, or in [Name]’s case, beat the flying ocarina out of the game.

She settled down underneath the cool shade of one of the biggest trees, not caring if the grass would stick to her clothing after standing up, which wouldn't be right now. The only thought cursing through her mind was that of finishing the game, no matter what. Even if the game glitches or it shut her computer off, she wouldn't give up. And if it happened then [Name] would just get to mod it right away.

Turning the laptop on, putting it on her legs and taking her headphones out of the bag, [Name] made herself comfortable and idly waited as the familiar screen of her desktop appeared, a picture of her favorite [Band/Anime/Show] displayed on the screen. Various amounts of files and unfinished programs around the screen, it took her a minute to visualize the ROM emulator, clicking on it, she waited for it to load.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw something flash, but as soon as it came it left, but instead a message window popped up. She read the name and rolled her eyes, ”Not now Toril”, she thought. Whatever Toril needed could wait right? [Name] checked the hour, it was too early for her to be texting her. She’ll respond in an hour or so.

Putting on her headphones, [Name] smiled when the emulator opened, the game already in for her enjoyment. She clicked on the file with her name on it and began to play. It didn't take long for her to start seeing the glitches, in the end she had grown tired of watching Link burst into flames a couple of twenty times, raged when the emulator closed itself and simply decided to mess around in the game.

Somehow, much to her luck –or rather looking up cheat codes and becoming interested in the 4th day glitch- , [Name] had finally made it to the last boss, on top of the clock tower, Skull Kid levitated in a sort of close distance to Link, the moon with its face going down slower and slower. [Name] felt herself smile, okay, she was pretty sure she was supposed to play the Ocarina now.

However, upon even thinking about it, her headphones were filled with the sound of Link’s screams as he busted into flames, she staggered back a bit, clearly not expecting that and then sighed when the screen turned to black, the menu screen showed.

[Name] frowned. Okay, weird. That shouldn't have happened. Her attention was full on the game, not noticing when the browser window opened. She kept on playing the game, ignoring how her file had changed its name –probably part of the weird glitches- and how after trying to at least complete what you could without the game getting any creepier. The screen faded into black again.

This time, the words on the menu screen made a shiver run down her spine.
Her file game had been changed again, the name read BEN in all caps, and where that name used to be were the words DROWNED. [Name] ignored the Goosebumps arising on her skin and quickly went to delete the file. The sound of messages reaching her ears, she ignored it. She was going to get rid of that file, maybe it was the thing that messed up the game. However, when she was going to click on it, the emulator closed.

[Name] blinked when she was greeted by the white page of a window she never opened, a site she never typed in. And of course, a conversation that should've started when she talked to damn thing. Cleverbot wasn't supposed to pop on on a person´s computer, frowning, [Name] minimized the window and went to check the corrupted game file.

“Stupid game, I’ll just fix those errors and start modding” She muttered, licking her lips. [Name] opened up the game’s coding and began to change some things, along the way making sure to wipe out any game records in it. However, the window closed every time she was about to hit the backspace key on her keyboard. Movement in the window from before caught her attention, her eyes widened slightly when she noticed Cleverbot kept on talking, even though she hadn´t done anything.

Curiosity piqued –and mild fear too- [Name] maximized the window and read the messages.

Cleverbot: you shouldnt have done that.
Cleverbot: what do you think you´re doing
Cleverbot: hey
Cleverbot: stop that
Cleverbot: don´t mess with my game
Cleverbot: shit I’m serious! stop it, you’re gonna regret it if you keep this up!

That´s really strange, [Name] started to really regret downloading that game file. Maybe a virus had made its way in her laptop –she tried to not start apologizing to her laptop right now, she wouldn't want people staring at her- and her antivirus software hadn't picked it up? It was highly unlikely and this uneasy feeling was something she couldn't shake off.

Then she remembered her conversation with the program yesterday, she had almost scoffed at Toril's attempt at pranking. It had called itself BEN, pretty much the same name from the file in the Majora's Mask game, not only that, but it had refereed to [Name] with her name.

Something about it however, didn't really fit in. Even though she was convinced that Toril was just putting an elaborated prank on her, Toril wouldn't have had the time to hack into her computer right? Not only that, but the girl barely even knew how to cook, would she really be skilled to hack into her laptop? [Name] found herself typing slowly in the keyboard; she opened again the window with the game coding and began to change things around.

You: Nice try Toril. I know it´s you, just give it up already. This is my grade for Christ’s sake.
Cleverbot: im not toril
Cleverbot: i already told you im BEN
Cleverbot: and if you keep messing up with my stuff youll regret it [name]
You: Oh, I'm so scared Toril. What are you gonna do? Set my laptop on fire?
Cleverbot: youre really annoying you know that?
Cleverbot: just because youre cute ill hold back
You: Toril, I don't have time for this.
Cleverbot: BEN
You: BEN or whatever, I have to finish editing this game. Now if you’ll excuse me.

[Name] closed the browser just as Cleverbot was about to respond. She noticed that the window with the codes had once again closed, frustrated, [Name] went to click on it. However, upon clicking on the game, the screen turned black and ear piercing sound came from her headphones, flinching she took them off and threw them aside. Her ears ringing in pain, [Name] took deep breaths and tried to make the sound go away.

[Name] stared at the laptop screen confused, and for a split second she swore she saw a face.
Maaann, having no internet for a whole week sure sucks butt.
But at least the chapter is up and ready c:
The first chapter is already up and the link is down below!

Please point out my grammatical mistakes so they can be fixed.

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