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October 27, 2013


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You pinched the bridge of your nose in clear annoyance. The filled laughter of the room combined with the obnoxiously loud music made your head hurt and you couldn’t wait for the party to end. With a quick glare to your friend who sits besides you giving you a sheepishly smile and a shrug from her part, your eyes fix themselves at the coin that was previously flipped in the air.

You cursed under your breath and your eyes settle on the boy in front of you. The one that’s on your Chemistry class yet you never bothered to remember his name. With a sigh you speak.

“Get on with it already” You most have likely snarled at him because his eyes widened ever so slightly before he started to think about what he would make you do.

Your friend dragged you to this stupid party, and you were forced to play truth or dare. If the coin’s face was up then it was dare, if it was down it was truth. And lucky you, you got a dare to complete now. Not that you minded, and in fact you were somewhat interested to know what the guy had in mind to make this whole night more interesting, though if it involved sex or drugs, you would punch him and leave, despite your friend’s protests. Yes, you could clearly picture the scene revolve right around your head.

“I dare you to go to that old abandoned mansion deep in the forest. You know, the one where the crazy murders had been committed” With a smug smile and his dare, the room seems to fall silent. The group of people started to murmur between each other and you could only contemplate the dare.

Ah yes, stuff like this was interesting.

“um, Troy. I think that’s not such a good ide-“Your friend is cut off from trying to change Troy’s mind by you, you stand up and dust any dirt gotten from sitting on the floor. All eyes are on you.

“Sure. Any type of proof you want for me to bring back?” Crossing your arms over your chest, you watch as your friend’s mouth opened in disbelief and she tries to stammer out words but instead is speechless. She knew you were reckless, but going alone to that place?

And you liked it, a lot.

Troy seems to also be shocked by the fact that you accepted the dare but quickly shakes his head and stands up, the smug grin back in his face and you can’t help but roll your eyes.

“Yes, take a picture of the famous ‘blood wall’”

“That’s all? You don’t want me to call out a spirit or anything of the like?” You raised an eyebrow and he shakes his head, saying that a picture will be enough. And soon enough the two of you shake hands and you grab your cell phone.


By the time you were outside trying to comfort your friend, it seemed like the dare spread around quickly because you could tell that half the school was there, waiting for you to go in the house and bring back evidence of actually setting foot inside.

You only rolled your eyes, too much commotion. You knew half the people here were only seeking to take pictures of you when you would ‘chicken’ out from going inside, thing that wasn’t going to happen, but you weren’t going to ruin their hopes to humiliate you.

“They can all go fuck themselves” You sighed and smiled sweetly at your friend.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll be back in ten minutes”

Your friend only nods but stands up to hug you, startling you at first since you weren’t seeing it come but nonetheless you returned the hug.

“Please be careful. I know that these killings stopped a couple of months ago, but you’re never too sure.

And so minutes later you had found yourself in front of the door to the house, or rather mansion. The aspect of it made you cringe in disgust as this one was clearly abandoned, though that was to be expected. The wood creaked under your steps and the smell of something rotten, a sickly smell that most likely was blood, creeped up your nostrils.

Your eyes, in the dark, could make out the police tape sealing the door, those two seemed to be hanging limply and some parts cut. With a shrug you started to take them off and threw them in the ground. There was no use to leave it there.

After finishing and wiping your hands off on your jeans – there had been something gooey and you didn’t want to know what it was – you went to reach for the doorknob but the door opened by itself.

Your eyes widened before you scoffed.

“Seems like a horror movie”

And in cases like these, the protagonist –often times a dumb blonde – would call anyone to see if there’s someone in the kitchen. It made you laugh a little at how cliché some movies were and you might as well be in the same situation. Except that for once, You weren’t stupid enough to wander around calling out to the wind.

No, you came prepared. Obviously you wouldn’t go to a murder scene without something to defend yourself with. And so, even though you knew the defense weapon was in your pocket, your hands went to touch the place and a sense of relief washed over you when you noticed the sharp object was still there.

“Good, now let’s get this over with” Taking a deep breath, you took a step inside and noticed that even in the dark you could make out the room you were currently in.

It was empty.

Your eyes widened slightly but you paid no attention to it, shortly after you took another step, the door closed and you were enveloped in darkness. You scoffed and kept on walking, using your cell phone as the only means of light you could get.

As you walked, you kept encountering empty rooms, as if nobody had lived here before. But that wasn’t what bothered you the most. Sure, it might be an abandoned house, but there were no traces of any living being living here. And to your left you could make out what might as well have been a long corridor.

Gripping your cell phone ever so slightly, you mustered up some courage and headed towards the hall, trying to tune out the sounds of footsteps coming from behind. You knew this was probably a prank and that the second that you jumped or screamed or even showed you were afraid, Troy and his gang would appear out of nowhere and start laughing at you.

You let out a shake laugh, barely unheard. “Yeah, that’s what it is,” You let out a sigh and continued to make your way into the corridor.

As more as you walked, the footsteps kept on becoming louder. Often times would a light turn on a different place, making you jump a little and having to stop to catch your breathing, before dismissing it as the guy’s jokes.

Yet when you reached the end of the corridor and you tried to open the doors, which now were all probably lit with light, which you could notice was seeping through the small cracks on the wood. You gave up and went to touch the wall, with your cell phone you illuminated the wall and you smiled contently and a sense of relief knowing that it was just a matter of minutes before you took the picture and got the hell out of the place.

The footsteps had long gone, but now lights were turning off and on and you could hear, if the smallest sound of water running down the stairs. You gulped.

“Let’s see what’s so cool about this wall” With your cell phone in hand, you began to lit the wall and noticed that it was indeed blood, making shivers run down your spine. And that it formed words.

Slowly as ever, you moved the cell phone from place to place to see what the message said and when you finally read it you frowned.

“You’ve met with a terrible fate haven’t you?” You read the words out loud before rolling your eyes. “Hell yeah, I have. Gosh, I’m never coming back here again. Better take the damn picture and leave”

Snapping the picture took you a couple of tries, seeing that it would get deleted a couple of times, or it would end up blurry –you did not want to come back with a blurry picture- but you finally did, dismissing all of the previous tries as your phone acting weird. You smiled contently and turned around to walk back to the entrance, but you stopped when you felt your feet land on what seemed like water. Eyes widened and confused, you look down to see that there was indeed water in the floor. And it was everywhere.

“What the fuck?” You swore that just a second ago the place was dry, not wet.

And as if luck was on your side, your phone buzzed, snapping the fuck out of you, which ended up in you jumping a little by surprise and slipping on the wet floor.

Closing your eyes for the impact that never came, you found yourself being held by someone. Fear covered you from head to toe when you heard a low chuckle and words being whispered into your ear.

“You shouldn’t have done that”

I'm starting a new fanfic, but that doesn't mean I will stop writing my other series. 
Updates will be whenever I have free time, so usually in periods of two weeks.

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BEN Belongs to his original owner.
You belong to BEN.
Story belongs to ~PrincessSakura1221
Story was inspired by the song: The Chain by Three Days Grace.
Don't claim the plot/story as yours. 
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KuraiPokemon066 Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ben drowned is my favorite pasta and the ending exited me. XD
xX-Kitten-Stichez-Xx Nov 3, 2013  Student General Artist
very will written 
I stopped when I saw the F word... sorry XD
x33 Sorry. I tend to add a lot of curses in my fics.
I usually don't filter them unless there's A LOT of them 

its OK. I'll continue reading.
WaveWatch5128 Feb 27, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Pokémon gotta catch em all!!
:iconpokemontrainergirl:'s my username right?
WaveWatch5128 Mar 1, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
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